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The MOONSHINE is Back!        
Now with the Excelsior Heli-Mount Frame

The cherished traditional open back sound in a totally new look. The Moonshine offers all the benefits of the Heli-Mount and Quick-Cam neck mounting technology with distinctive style and comfort. The Moonshine features an Ebony fingerboard with our new Diamond Blossom inlay pattern. Neck and body components of the Moonshine are interchangeable with all other Nechville Banjos.

The Moonshine EX openback banjo has undergone an extreme makeover, emerging with an all new Heli-Mount frame specifically designed to make the Moonshine more comfortable and heavy duty for serious, solid sound.  

The Excelsior is precision machined into a sleek, smooth, shiny surface that is nickel plated. Designed to deliver a punchy openback tone, it is an ideal crossover banjo capable of powerful bluegrass tones with the versatility of being a Heli-Mount. 

Tastefully adorned with our new pearl Diamond Blossom inlay pattern, the ebony fingerboard offers smooth playability. The sonic punch of our new brass and nickel Tuba-Phone style tone ring and maple rim, takes this openback into the 2000's with a super-clean and powerful traditional sound. It possese an ease of use not formerly known in the open-back world. You can customize the Moonshine EX with the Nechville Thumb Scoop or other popular Nechville features.

 Give us a call for more information or visit our custom options page.


Moonshine EX: 3000

To Order: Email or Call our sales line at (747)2BA-NJOS (747-222-6567).


Moonshine EX Features

  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Premium Figured Maple
  • "Classic" Shaped  Peghead
  • Diamond Blossom Inlay
  • New Corona Excelsior Heli-Mount Frame
  • Exotic Wood Comfort Beveled Arm Rest
  • Nechville inline tailpiece
  • Enterprise Frailing bridge
  • Hardshell Case


Custom Options

  • Nechville partial thumb scoop: 50
  • Press-on Plate Style Resonator: 400
  • Compound Radius Fingerboard: 400
  • Tunneled fifth string (requires radiused fingerboard): 400
  • Tone Ring upgrades-Timbr-Tronic or Pro Cyclotronic, Tubaphone, Archtop many other options available. Prices vary
  • Inlay and binding options
  • Custom translucent frame color: 200
  • Built in Capo-bility or any other requests : Please Inquire



Heli-Mount Features Include:

  • Patented Heli-Mount Frame
  • Adjustable Radiused Neck Attachment
  • Stainless Steel Two Way Truss Rod
  • Extra Wide, Long Lasting Frets
  • Nechville's Supreme Quality Finish
  • GHS Strings: .010, .012, .014, .022, .010
  • Remo Medium Crown Head
  • Side Position Dots
  • Nechville In-Line Tailpiece
  • Nechville Enterprise Bridge
  • Detailed Owner's Manual (Also Available for Download)
  • Heli-Mount and Allen Wrenches,
  • Lifetime Warranty