Nechville Custom Shop

Work with us to build the banjo of your dreams. Combine your favorite features of our stock models or call us to brainstorm and develop your own truly unique instrument.

Here are a few ideas:

Make any model left handed
Handpicked fingerboard
Custom peghead shape
Custom inlay and materials
Custom stain or paint color
Satin finish
Tunneled 5th string
Upgraded EVO frets
Graphtech nut
Rickard 10:1 tuners
Custom engraving
Custom scale and number of frets
Exotic binding
Exotic wood
Custom electric body
Custom resonator wood
Recreation/5 string conversions
Tenor/plectrum banjo necks with custom scales

Renaissance Vintage Banjo

Renaissance Vintage (mahogany w/ Hybrid tone ring)

Artist: David Robinson

Special Gold Athena Banjo

Custom Coco Hybrid

These banjos are built to order


Capobility noun,
The power or capacity to capo anytime, anywhere.

The Nuvo has a built in capo system that slides along tracks installed on the sides of the neck. With five strings to the nut, you can tune the 5th much lower than "G", allowing a wide range of sound. You choose the inlay, peghead shape, etc.


The Nextar is known for its artistic "Cascade" inlay, unique peghead shape and complex tone. It has a nice curly maple neck and resonator and a flat top tone ring. The inlay process is intensive, so we typically build Nextar banjos to order.