Frequently Asked Questions

Cyclotronics? Heli-Mount? I'm new here, what's all this about, and where do I start?

Our story and details of the design can be found here. Also check out our terminology tab under our info page, which describes the myriad of coined terms in the Nechville Universe.

What do you have available right now?

Our current stock is always rotating. Our stock is listed here but it rotates quickly. If you're looking for a particular model and don't see it in our store please contact us, we may have one available in production we can assign that will reduce your wait significantly.

What are your lead times?

Our current lead time is approximately ten months due to a very high volume of orders. You can check here to see what's available right now. If you don't see what you're after we can use this as an opportunity to customize a banjo to your exact specs!

I want to make my banjo even lighter, what models can I install your Timber-Tronic wood tone ring on?

Any of our models with a Heli-Mount frame. That leaves everything except for our Flex-Tone, which has a "traditional" pot. You cannot install a wood ring in our Meteor and Atlas models either, however they are already ultra light so there is no need.

Is it harder to change strings on your Phantom models? Won't the tunnel cause strings to break?

Good question! It is very easy to change strings- you push the string through one end of the tunnel and it comes out the other! There is a no added risk to string health, and we've never had a tunnel wear down or stop working since we started, over 30 years ago.

I don't have a Nechville yet. Will your armrest still work on my banjo?

If your banjo has a tension hoop, chances are it will fit! You'll need to remove your current armrest to install ours. Don't worry, all you'll need is a phillips screwdriver. We make armrests for 11" and 12" pots. Our armrests do not make a secure fit and are not recommended for non-notched tension hoops (where the hooks sit on top of the hoop) i.e. Goodtime banjos.

Compensated bridge? Why doesn't everyone compensate their bridges?

We have no idea. Our philosophy is that if it sounds better, it should be made standard. Although we won't be surprised when people slowly come around...Read more about our bridges.

What's the difference in sound between a wood ring and a metal ring?

That's hard to explain. Some say that the heavier metal ring has more mass and thus more bottom end. The wood ring has a woody richness and complexity that's missing from the metal one. They only take a few minutes to swap out, many players carry one of each. Check out the video on our Timber-Tronic page to see for yourself.

What kind of strings are installed at the factory?

We use GHS strings gauges: 10, 12, 14, 22, 10. We buy in bulk so you may not find those exact gauges together. Do we sell strings? Sure.