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Looking for tenor Banjos?

We build them!

Typically we build tenors to order. This allows us to build you exactly to the specs you want. We can build any of our listed models, or they can be used as a jumping off point.

Options include:

17 & 19 fret necks
Resonator & open back designs
Custom scale length

Custom options include:

Your choice of binding
Your choice of inlay
Your choice of powdercoat
Nickel or gold plated frame
Radiused fingerboard

And much, much more. Let us help you build the perfect tenor for you!

Current Stock

Availability of banjos subject to change without notice. Model photos are standard; the instruments heard and seen in the videos are the exact banjos available. We can help you locate specific models by informing you of recent shipments and current productions.

Contact us for pricing info and availability.

Shop: 952-888-9710
Sales: 747-2BANJOS
[email protected]


SN 2536   New

The Athena has a slightly narrower neck profile. It has a remarkable sound and is incredibly light weight.

Mahogany Dot Phantom

SN 2525   Demo

This mahogany dot Phantom banjo has a nice balanced sound.

Maple Midnight Phantom

SN 2378   Demo

Simplicity at its finest. No inlay on the neck, but comes with side dots. For those who like a clean, sleek looking professional banjo. Equipped with custom blonde curly maple rim.


SN 2512   Demo

Here's a Nechville for those who prefer the traditional feel and sound. It has a flat fingerboard measuring 1.22" at the nut, EVO frets, speed neck, and Nechville pro pot. It's setup for a bright but robust sound with a tight head and just the right amount of sustain.


SN 2371   Demo

Here's a nice maple Nextar banjo, known for its Cascade inlay and unique peghead shape.


SN 2467   Demo

The Aries features our professional tone ring and Heli-Mount frame on a walnut neck and resonator. Note: the tortoise binding on this one is a bit brighter and pops more than the stock photos. Great for those that prefer a more lively looking banjo.