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Looking for tenor Banjos?

We build them!

Typically we build tenors to order. This allows us to build you exactly to the specs you want. We can build any of our listed models, or they can be used as a jumping off point.

Options include:

17 & 19 fret necks
Resonator & open back designs
Custom scale length

Custom options include:

Your choice of binding
Your choice of inlay
Your choice of powdercoat
Nickel or gold plated frame
Radiused fingerboard

And much, much more. Let us help you build the perfect tenor for you!

Current Stock

We currently have a number of banjos we built for IBMA. Availablility subject to change without notice. Please contact us for our complete and current selection. Below you'll find videos as well as high quality WAVs. All recorded with the mic shown, an Oktava MK-012. Note: the audio files are very large; you may need to click to download the file on slower connections. No EQ, compression, or processing was used.

Demo = This banjo has been out of the shop. It may be in new condition or may have just a few hours of play. Either way it includes our full lifetime warranty.

Shop: 952-888-9710
Sales: 747-2BANJOS
[email protected]

Dot Phantom

SN 2622  Demo

Understated with modern upgrades, this mahogany Phantom packs a punch with its Taiwan remo head.

High quality WAV


SN 2572  Demo

The Photon combines contemporary innovation with traditional styling. It features a sleek inlay and a really nice quilted mahogany resonator. This one is a mahogany machine and yields a really clear sound from its block style mahogany rim.

High quality WAV


SN 2528  Demo

This 12" Atlas openback has been shown at a few festivals this year. It's our most popular openback featuring a block style pot, our comfortable neck, flexible neck connection, and extreme lightweight. Its partial thumbscoop and notched tension hoop are perfect for frailers. This one includes a cocobolo armrest as pictured.

High quality WAV

Moonshine Deluxe

SN 2526  Demo

This Moonshine DLX has our Diamond Blossom mother of pearl inlay, curly maple neck, Timber-Tronic tone ring, cyclotronic system, and nickel plated Excelsior frame. It has a partial thumb scoop under the 5th string and sounds great with all styles.

High quality WAV