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Introducing a new line a tenors designed in collaboration with Enda Scahill of We Banjo 3. This is a 19 fret, 23.5" scale tenor. While we do build 17 fret tenors and other variations, these tenors are built specifically for Irish tenor playing. A slightly longer scale provides optimal string tension for a powderful sound. Our tenor necks can be easily removed for safe air travel. The PRO model (as shown) includes an endless list of features and appointments. Contact us for details. We also build a striped down standard version which sounds and plays just as great- just without the fancy aethetics.

Curly maple neck
For a crisp, clean sound
Nechville Clearcoat Finish
Won't crack like traditional lacquer
Heli-Mount Frame
Heli-Mount head tightening system, easy head and tone ring change
Timber-Tronic Tone Ring
Exotic ultralight wood tone ring standard
Artist: David Robinson
Neck connection
Quick-Cam Neck Connection
Our necks are adjustable and removable

Compensated Bridge
The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

Comfort Armrest
Increases right hand circulation and comfort

In-line Tailpiece
6 way adjustable

Retail prices:

Standard - 2875

Pro - 3995

Due to the custom nature of this instrument, please contact us directly to purchase.

Lifetime Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
Includes Professional Hard Shell Case
Compatible With Multiple Tone Rings