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The Dixie Chicks

"Greetings all, Keith Pilkington with Dixie Chicks here. how's everything? just to let you know, everyone (band/chicks and crew) is digging your product over the five Gibson's that we have out here. same electronics in all, and the Nechville is standing out big time. still need to take a look at the custom neck, but we are getting ready to take a break and as soon as we return we can set something up. if tom is still in Europe, please let him know that he's cutting the mustard so to speak. Thanks for everything and I'll be in touch soon...peace"

Joe McGuire

"I have been the proud owner of a Phantom for about 5 years and there is nothing like it. I also play clawhammer and was thrilled to hear that you had an open back model (Atlas). I met a lot of frustration trying to find one to play and finally decided to order an instrument without playing it based on the incredible quality of your products, listening in your on-line sound room and the recommendation of Dave Schenkman. Even with that I had high expectations. Once again you have exceeded them. The banjo has a sweeter tone that any instrument has a right to have and plays like a dream.... Thank you for making such incredible instruments and for your fantastic innovations."

Dennis DeVendra

"Just wanted to report back on my Phantom banjo. I still love the sound and play of my Phantom. I also like the ability to do minor adjustments with no issues. At the beginning of the summer, here in Ohio, my Phantom started to buzz. I reviewed the youtube videos on adjustments. I started by adjusting the truss rod at the headstock. I checked the action and it was a little low. So I adjusted the head tension. Just removed the resonator and used the 2 renches to tighten the head and raise the bridge and strings. Still the buzz. I took out the allen wrench and lowered the neck, after loosening the string tension. After lowering the neck (raising the action) the buzz went away. For anyone who owns a traditional banjo all of this adjustments would have taken hours by someone who actually knows what they are doing. I did all these adjustments in about an hour, without any prior knowledge of banjo repair. Also I am blind. Thanks for a nice sounding product that is easy to maintain."

Tim Francis

"Just a quick note to express my gratitude and pleasure with the "Dragon" Meteor. The sound is remarkable and the looks, well, defies imagination and is really an eye grabber. At a recent performance I had someone remark they had never seen such an instrument. They asked what kind of banjo it was and I said..."a one of a kind" ! Then of course I told them about you guys and what you had to offer in instruments...acoustic as well as electric. Anyway, thank you for an excellent instrument that will no doubt bring years of exciting music!"

Greg Vickers

"My new Nechville XXV is everything I expected it to be and more. Yesterday I re-strung the XXV for the first time, and took a closer look at how it's put together. The Heli-Mount system, the Flex-Tone neck adjustment, the Cyclotronic tone ring support and the little roller at the fifth fret that guides the tunneled fifth string are really outstanding innovations... As a player, these Nechville features aren't just clever-for-the-sake-of-cleverness. They really make the XXV the easiest to play and adjust banjo I've ever seen. Plus, the sound is unparalleled. "

Bob Van Putten

"I am amazed at how the Nechville neck / flux capacitor has made my prewar flathead Gibson banjo come alive. To be honest, I had been very disappointed with the sound and playability of the 5-string neck previously on it. The addition of the Nechville neck/flux capacitor has brought out the sound, playability and feel, plus the workmanship is second to none."

Kurby Hoffman

"I am just so impressed with the Phantom. Seriously, I would run out of words to describe my satisfaction with what you do, most impressive. I have been to two weeknight practices and one Saturday night hoedown at our little practice garage out in the country. The boys are real impressed. Tim our lead singer/guitar player said the sound of it gave him goose bumps, how's that for a compliment?"

Gordon Woods

"I am extremely happy with my new Moonshine. It took an hour or so of playing, and I loosened the head a wee bit, to get myself accustomed to the instrument and then its beautiful tone came out. It takes a little while to find the touch for any new instrument, and now it sings. I have always played old banjos - 1920 and earlier - and this is the first one with fat, modern frets, superb low action, and excellent intonation, that I've played. It is a pleasure, especially to play up the neck, as in a song like Snowdrop, which never plays well on old, high action traditional clawhammer type openback banjos."

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