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Timber-Tronic Banjo Tone Ring

We build our Timber-Tronic wood tone rings out of hard exotic tone woods (cocobolo, as pictured, is available as an upgrade). Our wood ring weighs three pounds less than its bronze counterpart and fits any modern Heli-Mount banjo rim. To see if your Nechville is compatible, look for steel bearings (they might be hidden in between your rim and bronze tone ring).

Just like our bronze rings, the Timber-Tronic ring works with our Cyclotronic ball bearing system. You don't lose the bluegrass sound. It's a sound all its own and can be every bit as bright and punchy.

It's also available with a titanium hoop upgrade. In that case it's a circle of lightweight titanium pushing up against the head- so you still get the metal sound the banjo is known for, while saving big on weight. If you'd like the cocobolo or titanium versions, please contact us for a quote.

International orders- please contact us below so we can quote shipping.

Ships within 1-7 days

Watch the tone ring swap and hear the difference for yourself:

(Skip to six minutes in for a direct sound comparison)