Nechville Banjo Tone Rings

Tone Ring Weight (pounds) Tone
Hybrid 0.8 Balanced
Bronze 3.3 Warm/Balanced
Timber-Tronic 0.3 Bright/Balanced

Hybrid Tone Ring

Introducing Hybrid, Nechville’s newest 2020 tone ring. We’ve turned our Timber-Tronic rings to accept a mounted soft metal hoop. This adds a familiar metallic chime and just enough mass to increase the depth of sound. These have been very popular, and are becoming renowned as an ultralight replacement for the traditional bronze flathead ring.

Like our other tone rings, it fits any Nechville Heli-Mount model with our cyclotronic ball bearing system.

Hybrid has more high harmonic content than our standard 20 hole bronze ring, but is very balanced. And it still shaves pounds off the weight of your banjo at a fraction of the weight of its bronze counterpart.

I can’t believe how much I love the Hybrid. Not only the light weight, but the beautiful mellow but crisp sound...there is no going back to a traditional tone ring."
-John S. from Winchester, PA

Nechville Pro Bronze Tone Ring

The ring that started it all. The 20 hole nickel-plated bronze ring is a staple to the banjo's sound.

We use a familiar pre-way alloy and radius to craft that metallic sound the banjo is known for. We use a set of ball bearings that ride in the inner radius of the tone ring. This keeps the tone ring from moving during the Heli-Mount tightening process. It also allows great sonic transfer- the rim does not dampen the sound but vibrates with the ring and bearings.

Nechville banjos are inherently warmer, due in part to the perfect head tension and the neck connection system which allows for a heavier, taller bridge. The mass of the bronze ring enhances bass frequencies, making it a perfect ring if you like a warmer sound. Yet the high end is smooth and glassy. The added bass also increases the perceived loudness. However, there are many setup factor that influence tone, and many different sounds can be produced with this ring.

Note: These are made for Nechvilles, as we don't drill them for a skirt hole. Contact us if you'd like one for a traditional banjo.

Timber-Tronic Banjo Tone Ring

Our Timber-Tronic ring is the lightest we build, coming in at about four ounces. This makes it three pounds less than its bronze counterpart. It fits any modern Heli-Mount banjo rim. To see if your Nechville is compatible, look for steel bearings (they might be hidden between your rim and bronze tone ring).

Just like our Hybrid and bronze rings, the Timber-Tronic ring works with our Cyclotronic ball bearing system. Having wood up against the head doesn't change the sound the way you might think. There's a unique timbre in the highs suitable for driving bluegrass or dixieland jazz (and everything in between). Take a listen below.

Sound Comparison


(Artist: David Robinson

Hybrid, Bronze, & Timber-Tronic

Bronze & Timber-Tronic