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A Revolutionary Idea

Heli-Mount Design

Nechville banjos are the only banjos in the world to use a simple two component head tightening system.

Imagine screwing a cap on a jar. This simple approach tightens the head with perfectly even tension.

The result: unprecedented musical body and depth. Plus it makes Nechville banjos much easier to setup and customize.

Nechville Billy Failing Vintage Eclipse
Nechville Billy Failing Vintage Eclipse
Sale price$6,995.00

“What began five years ago as a custom project with Nechville banjos, is today an all new official signature model that I’m proud to have represent my name and sound. Nechville has been hard at work creating this line of amazing instruments, combining innovation, versatility and classic elements.

The Vintage Eclipse has been an integral part of working to further my sound over the last five years, and I can’t wait to hear what other players can now do with this instrument!”

You've got control

Customized Sound

Tailor your Nechville for a traditional sound or a modern one. Or somewhere in between. It’s up to you. Nechville makes a wider range of sound and style possible through our neck attachment system that allows the widest range of bridge heights and weights on any banjo and a perfectly tensioned head that tightens and loosens all at once. It’s easy to learn and unlocks an adaptable world of sound.

light as a feather

Ultimate Flexibility

Then when you start feeling your back from hours of happy pickin, you can install either of our lightweight tone rings, bringing the banjo to the weight of a 12 string guitar and customizing the sound even further. It’s a quick and simple task. If needed, pop that bronze ring back in in minutes for that studio session or outdoor festival.

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More Banjo innovation

Reimagined Necks

The Nechville standard is a wider, more comfortable neck. Many of our models include a 7-12" compound radius, reducing fatigue and improving accuracy.

Combine that with wider, longer lasting frets and you have a banjo neck that feels and plays like an electric guitar.

Steve M. from Maryland

"The neck on this thing is literally faster than my custom shop Stratocaster."

Tony B. on

"It is hard to go back and play other banjos. This banjo will step up your drive to learn and excel on the instrument. I really think this is the best banjo on the planet."

Paul S. from Lakeland, MN

"Nechville has the most comfortable playing neck in the industry and great customer service."

Do you have a great sounding banjo with a less than impressive neck? We can build you a neck that will make you excited to pick it up again. We use a custom machined part to integrate our neck connection technology and benefits with your existing pot. Be sure to upgrade it with our compound radius and tunneled 5th string. Learn more here

You've Got Options

Tone Rings

All Heli-Mount models come standard with our Cyclotronic rim and ball bearing system.

This means you can swap out to our four ounce Timber-Tronic tone ring. Or our Nechville Pro 20 hole flathead ring. Or our popular Hybrid tone ring.

This system allows you to switch between our different tone rings in minutes, whatever the situation calls for.

They all fit- so it's easy to find the perfect combination of tone and weight for you.

Once installed, our lightweight options bring the total banjo weight down to eight pounds or less, saving your back while providing incredible sound.

Nechville Testimonials

Hear it from banjo Lovers

Just wanted to reach out with a huge thank you to you and the team. The comet is absolutely gorgeous and works quite well. It feels immensely satisfying to know this type of service exists and (when I can justify the cost) I will likely be reaching out to you guys again to talk about a similar custom midi-enabled model. Thank you again and know you have a satisfied customer!

Matt from Florida on his Custom Comet

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