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We build amplification systems to suit your style. The Comet departs from acoustic banjo sound the same way that electric guitars contrast acoustic ones. The Meteor has a hollow body and an electric acoustic banjo tone, with the ability to blend between its piezo and magnetic pickups for a more acoustic or electric sound at will. Both include our 7-12" compound radiused neck and can be upgraded in a number of ways.

If you're looking for the most authentic acoustic plugged in tone, consider outfitting our Heli-Mount acoustic banjos with a Warp Drive.



The Comet is the working musician's electric banjo. It allows for many different live and recording situations with its solid body and dual humbucker setup. Its radiused ebony fingerboard and comfortable neck makes it really fun to play.

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The Meteor makes plugging in a breeze, and features a dual-source pickup system. Its piezo pickup allows you to blend acoustic sound into its electric banjo setup. It's also very light and easy to carry around.

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Warp Drive Pickup

Warp Drive

Our Warp Drive is not an electric banjo, but a dual-source pickup solution for Heli-Mount banjos. It yields a full bodied, clean, acoustic tone not found in other pickups. Save on installation- install it yourself in minutes.

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