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Introducing Nechville's newest electric banjo. The Comet has a solid body with two hot rails pickups. Like all of our instruments it's made here in the USA. The Comet has the same great neck and radiused fingerboard as our premium acoustic banjos. It's perfect for plugging right into a headphone amp or device for practice. For live gigs, the Comet is as feedback resistant as an electric guitar, and incredibly light. The Comet is perfect for someone looking to electrify their banjo sound.

  • Radiused Fingerboard
    7-12" compound radius for playability and comfort
  • Dual Passive Humbuckers
    With separate controls for a wide range of tone, no batteries required
  • Solid Body
    Allows for quiet practice and loud performances
  • Strat-Style Bridge
    Five saddle bridge adds sustain, individual compensation, and adjustible action

Quick-Cam Neck Connection

Our necks are adjustable and removable


Perfect head tension, easy setup and adjustments


Better sound from ball bearing rim-tone ring interface


The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

Increases right hand circulation and comfort


6 way adjustable

Base price:


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Professional Hard Shell Case
  • Compatible With Multiple Tone Rings
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Nechville Custom Comet
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Standard Comet
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