Introducing Earth's lightest professional resonator banjo.

Defy Gravity

The Athena is light and elegant. Its Timber-Tronic tone ring sounds brilliant and reduces the total weight by nearly twenty five percent. While the wood ring is standard, Nechville Pro Bronze and Hybrid tone rings are also possible. The neck width is 1.22" at the nut, just a hair narrower than most Nechvilles.

  • Timber-Tronic Tone Ring
    Exotic ultralight wood tone ring
  • Radiused Fingerboard
    7-12" compound radius for playability and comfort
  • 3-Ply Maple Rim
    Steam bent, then spun by hand
  • Nechville Clearcoat Finish
    Won't crack like traditional lacquer
  • Walnut neck and resonator
    For a great balanced sound, handpicked for stability
  • Fancy Binding
    Black binding with white black pinstripe

Quick-Cam Neck Connection

Our necks are adjustable and removable


Perfect head tension, easy setup and adjustments


Better sound from ball bearing rim-tone ring interface


The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

Increases right hand circulation and comfort


6 way adjustable

Base price:


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Professional Hard Shell Case
  • Compatible With Multiple Tone Rings
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Nechville Athena Nechville Athena
Nechville Athena
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