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Phantom Banjos

Phantom Series

The Phantom series feature a tunneled fifth string and are available is a variety of neck woods, inlays and bindings.

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The Photon is a Phantom all its own with a more traditional look: sleek inlay, white binding, and a nickel-plated Corona frame.

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Bluegrass Banjos


The perfect combination of wood, binding, and inlay combined with a pro 20 hole tone ring.

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Beautiful and lightweight, the Athena has a sweet bell-like tone and is narrower than other Nechvilles.

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Time-honored style meets new technology. The Classic is the best of both worlds.

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Containing all of the features of our pro Heli-Mount line, the Orion adds premium wood appointments and a great classic aesthetic.

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The Saturn is understated and packs a punch. It weighs less than eight pounds and is a joy to play with its radiused fingerboard.

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A traditionally styled banjo packed with technical advancements, the Vintage incorperates modern technology with time tested style.

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Like the Saturn and Athena, the Zeus is also extremely lightweight. It has more accurate 90 degree tuners and produces a lively sound from its maple neck.

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Openback Banjos


Part of the Atlas series, the Atlantis looks like an old relic. It has a Fiberskyn head, binding, full scoop, and nice antiqued bronze.

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The Atlas is our old time openback. It is extremely lightweight, is a joy to play, and has plenty of options to make it your own.

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The Moonshine is our modern openback. Machined from a giant tube of high grade aluminum, it carries all the Heli-Mount advantages.

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Tenor Banjos

Enda PRO Tenor

These tenors are built in collaboration with Enda of We Banjo 3. They have all the features to create great sounding Irish music with style and comfort.

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