Dual Source Pickup

Warp Drive

Blend the two best pickup types into one. The Warp Drive allows you to blend the warmth of the EMG magnetic with the natural shimmery sound of the Schatten piezo. The EMG ACB has a nice thick sound with smooth transients and details mids. Then blend in the piezo- which captures the rich harmonics that accurately reflect the banjo's top end.

Just like our banjos, these are built by hand right in our Nechville shop in Minnesota.

The Warp Drive is mounted with the help of a very tough spring. It is designed for our resonator banjos, as the resonator conceals and protects the electronics. Inquire about the adapted Warp Drive that fits coordinator rod banjos.

  • Easy Installation
    Save on installation- install at home in minutes
  • Quality Components
    High quality op-amps, correct piezo buffer and impedance match, made in the USA
  • Long Battery Life
    200-500+ hours on one 9V
  • Dual Pickup System
    Dual active pickup system- magnetic and piezo blend
  • Built in EQ
    Optional EQ custom tailored to the pickup frequencies
  • Discrete
    Only jack remains outside banjo- will still fit in case

Quick-Cam Neck Connection

Our necks are adjustable and removable


Perfect head tension, easy setup and adjustments


Better sound from ball bearing rim-tone ring interface


The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

The solution to intonation issues and the gateway to great sound

Increases right hand circulation and comfort


6 way adjustable

Base price:


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Professional Hard Shell Case
  • Compatible With Multiple Tone Rings
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Nechville Warp Drive Pickup Nechville Warp Drive Pickup
Nechville Warp Drive Pickup
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