Nechville Comfort Bevel Armrest

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Nechville Comfort Bevel Armrest

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Our armrests are incredibly comfortable. We build them to stay that way. That's why they're made out of raw, exotic hardwood. No stain or finish to rub off on your arm or become sticky. Beautiful natural colors and grain look great on any banjo, regardless of wood type.

We make them for 11 and 12 inch banjos. They are compatible with conventional (hook and nut style) banjos, as well as Nechville's patented Heli-Mount banjos. Our 12 inch is slim and provides the perfect comfort for its radius.

Note: Our current production armrests are made out of exotic hardwoods as noted aboved. We don't stain them (stain will rub off) but we do polish them. The natural color of the armrest wood is a perfect comprimise between the finished colors of the domestic woods we use for our necks. They are as durable as metal armrests but match better and are way more comfortable. The armrest you receive will look close to the photos above.