Drum Dial Precision Drum Tuner for Banjo

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Drum Dial Precision Drum Tuner for Banjo

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A must have for optimal banjo setup. We don't inflate our tires by gauging the pitch of air escaping the valve, we use a gauge! 

*These need to be calibrated by setting the dial to 0 on a flat piece of glass*

Your milage may vary, but we recommend a tension of at least 90 on the dial, or else a lot of punch and power is lost. 91-92 seems optimal depending on other setup factors. Some prefer the sound of a very tight head, around 93+. 

If you do set the tension by ear it's a great tool to record your setup specs for future reference, say if you got a new head or swapped tone rings. New heads, especially renaissance heads, stretch out and are best measured and retightened for the first couple weeks after installation.